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Completely unbelievable. Two disgusting, vile girls from Orange Park, Florida posted a video on Facebook of them smashing and then setting a live, endangered tortoise on fire.

Here is a screencap of the video, and here is the link to the video where they set it on fire and where they stomp it to death (edit: I changed the video links; it’s no longer on Youtube, it’s on Dropbox saved in .webm format) for proof:


If their actions go unpunished, then I must admit: I don’t know what the world has come to. How cruel can someone be to set a living thing on fire? Do you know how much pain and suffering that would cause? If if were up to me, those girls would have to pay for their deeds by enduring the same thing that poor tortoise had to go through, eye for eye, but that would be considered torture.

Please signal boost and report these two girls to PETA, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (they have an easy to fill-out form), ASPCA, the police (especially if you live in or near Orange Park, FL) anything to ensure that other animals do not have to go through such pain and torture in the hands of those two girls.

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